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Immediate and pre-planned funerals in St. Louis Mo. Christian Family owned and operated for 3 generations.

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Questions we all share:

What is prearrangement?
Prearangement is planning a funeral before the time of death. Without prearrangement, planning a funeral is usually done by a small group of family members, who have little warning or time to plan the funeral. Prearrangement relieves your family of that responsibility. You are able to leave detailed instructions about your desires and wishes. Prearrangement gives peace of mind to you and your family.

Is there more than one way to prearrange a funeral?
Yes, there are several different ways you can choose to prearrange depending on your wishes. There are basically three different types of prearranged funerals:

  • The funeral is completely prearranged and paid for in advance
  • The funeral is completely prearranged and partially prepaid
  • The funeral is completely prearranged but no money is paid until time of death

How can I prearrange a funeral?
When it comes to prearrangement, you have several options. You can make an appointment with your local funeral director to discuss the options available to you, or you can request a free Thoughtful Decisions Guide, available from FDLIC. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about prearrangement and to help you locate a funeral home in your area.

What if I prearrange in my community and die away from home?
If you are traveling or visiting another city when death occurs, your survivors should contact our funeral home immediately. We will make all necessary arrangements for transfer to your local funeral home.

I would like to prearrange but what if I move?
Because of the flexible nature of our pre-need contracts, your preferences for prearrangement may be transferred at any time in the event you move. We can even recommend a reputable funeral home in your new community.

What if I change my mind about my arrangements?
Our funeral home is based on service to families. We respect your wishes at all times and strive to meet the special needs and requests from you and your family, whether planning ahead or at the time of need. Together we can adapt plans to meet your changing needs or desires.

What happens to my money when I prepay my funeral?
State regulatory agencies have requirements for pre-financing a funeral. When a funeral home receives money for a pre-financed funeral, they have two options: (1) place the funds in a Certifcate of Deposit or trust account at a bank, or (2) for those who qualify, purchase an insurance policy or annuity. No matter which option you use for prepayment, you can be sure that your money is protected.